Thriving in Egypt

de Claudia Giorgiana Rusu
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I am Claudia and I truly hope that most of you that are reading this already know me. If not ... well, you're about to.

To put it in very few words I am this energetic person that gets involved in lots of activities for the community. I was part of a local student organization, AIESEC in Iași, first as a member and for a year as Vice President PR&Alumni Development. (#thriverforlife)

At the same time, during my first year of University I got involved in Rocanotherworld, the local charitable festival. Still am! If you enjoyed it this year, I can only be glad, me and the organizing team put a lot of work into it.

And now, along side with all of these, I am also a part time team member of Subsign, a pioneer digital marketing agency, here in Iași. Together we unleash the wow, through well thought events that built the employer branding community.

Why I am here?
Well, it will be more clear if I would explain what thriving means. What does Thrive means according to the Oxford Dictionary: Thrive [verb]: to grow, to develop, to flourish, to become, and continue to be, successful, strong, healthy, etc.
This pretty much sums up all the things that I want to gain from this experience. I want to challenge and put myself into a different environment, that will ultimately bring me one step closer to the individual I aspire to be. The individual that will come home and rock that local events stage.

How do I achieve this?
Simple. I chose to be a Global Entrepreneur for a start-up in Alexandria, Egypt, called Komet Institut. For 6 weeks starting on 1st of August, I will be helping them nail those community events and reach their real potential. What I also hope to gain during this period is a set of upgrades of my skills, that will be brought back and used in the benefit of Iași's community.

Where do YOU come in this equation?
I obviously cannot do this all on my own. So, this is where you enter. Unfortunately, doing good ain't cheap all the time. This beautiful craziness is a bit of a punch above my height (see what I did there? ;) ) and I really need support into fullfilling my ambition. The costs of the trip itself, the taxes, medical insurance etc. are more than I can handle at the moment. Literally any amount would be of help and I will be grateful for it.

*Hey! It's me. Proactivity again.*
Little side note: in exchange of your support, I can help you out with any marketing and events situations you may be having, as long as they don't require more than a few days. I am also available for dogwalking.
For direct donations, please use the following account: RO50BTRLRONCRT0322208701