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Hello everybody!

I want to thank you for coming here with the intention to change a life and make a dream come true.

Who am I and why am I doing this?

I’m Tudor from Iași, Romania, 22 years old, I was in AIESEC Technical University of Iași for more than 3 years and now I’m in a constant search for passions and how I can impact people around me. Due to AIESEC community, I’ve managed to shape what I want to do, my biggest dream is to travel all around Romania and promote all her beautiful places and all the ignored ones through photography, videos, articles and interviews and be a part of the change for Romania.

Why "Discover" project in Antalya?

In Antalya, the tourism sector is essential to the Turkey’s economy in terms of its great contribution to the GDP and foreign exchange earnings. Lately, thousands of people lost their job within the tourism sector in Antalya due to political issues. Throughout this project, volunteers around the world will have the privilege to enjoy and promote the pearl of Mediterranean, Antalya lands of breathtaking beauty such as Olympos, Kaş, Alanya etc. 

The time has come for me to become an international volunteer for 6 weeks as well and this project offers me the possibility to take a step closer to fulfill my dream through promoting important places in Turkey and develop all my needed skills as well as to connect with beautiful people around the word, have a challenging enviroment and share our culture further. 

Do you want to help me?

My goal is to prepare all the logistics before starting the exerince such as: transport, a passport, medical insurance, AIESEC contribution and living costs from 15 July to 27 August.

Here you can acces the link for more details: Tudor's budget

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I’m looking forward to do my best in all the challenges given and I would be very grateful for your contribution.


My sincere thanks to all of you!