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Hello there!

Thank you for stopping by first of all. In case you might not know me, I’m Dorina and I am passionate about leaving the world a bit better wherever I go and learning in which way I can do that. Right now, this campaign is about one of my deepest dreams and ambitions: to go on a volunteering project in Morocco, Agadir, for 6 weeks, on a problem that the women community face there.

What is this project about?

Women UP is a women empowerment initiative by AIESEC in Agadir that calls for gender equality and women empowerment in the entrepreneurial world. My role there will be to help the women navigate in the online channels, help them create their own online pages, teach them to manage them and promote their crafts in English.

What I commit to: going and striving to assimilate, understand and help as much as possible the women from Morocco, Agadir, from the co-operatives in which they work, to understand what they could do better in a field that I studied and gained experience in the last few years (Communication, Social Media, Digital Marketing). My ambition is to actively contribute to reducing gender inequality and to inspire them to learn and act independently. The money I will gather from crowdfunding will be for living costs across almost 7 weeks of staying there.

A bit about who Dorina is

Whenever someone asks me who is Dorina, I say firstly that I am a complex human being, that looks forward to experiencing and experimenting what life can offer and at the same time, create my own opportunities. I consider myself a work in progress. It means that I DO NOT stop from redefining who I want to be and what I want to do. I consider myself lucky and I feel grateful and not take all the things I have for granted. I know I’ve been one of the lucky ones to study Communication and PR, the field which I’m passionate about, meet people that offer support and understanding and also take up the experiences that I wanted. This kind of mentality I want to take forward in other places and offer what I have to others as well. I strive for excellence, to be honest and learn daily how to be a kinder human being.

What makes me strive to be a better human being? It is the people around that I hold closest to my heart and that are pure inspiration for me...but a vital model is AIESEC, in which I’ve been an active member in the last 4 and a half years. It is an international youth organization entirely dedicated to making the world a better place through developing young people. We do this by providing leadership experiences in other cultures across the globe. It isn’t an organization that offered me the most important context in the last almost 5 years to grow constantly, it offered me challenges and a role model. Because of it, I grew wishing to always strive for better for myself and others.

One pivotal moment for me and for why I want to go in Morocco is because at some point, all my discussions with my friends were about “I don’t like what’s happening, it’s an awful country, we shouldn’t stay here, everything is so wrong”. But the thing that I couldn’t understand was...why they only complained? Why they didn't do anything to change the situation? And I decided that IT’S ENOUGH. I said this in December 2016. Since then, I decided to take up more responsibility and become Vicepresident of Marketing and then President in AIESEC TUIAȘI and try to bring change, impact and help people strive for a better version of themselves by sending them in cross-cultural projects across the world.

Now I took up a different challenge, to go in another country on a volunteering project to advocate for gender equality and empowerment of women.

If you believe in my cause or just simply wish to help me achieve this dream, I would immensely appreciate any kind of donation (even 1 euro helps). I do not want only to thank you verbally, therefore I want to show my gratitude by also offering you some sort of “thank you” gifts (you can find below).

Thank you kindly for taking time to read this!

With gratitude,



Thank you gifts:

26-50 lei – I will create a set of 5 wallpapers for your phone with photos from Morocco and with what text inspires you the most (specially made for you)

51-100 lei – I will bring you a postcard with a personalized message

101-200 lei – I will bring you a postcard + write you a letter with all the things that happened to me and with what I’ve learnt

201- 300 lei – any of the above + I’ll let you choose a book from my collection from home (I am an avid reader, been a book worm with quite a collection since little)

>301 lei – all of the above

  • 16/05

    I want even the smallest support to thank, therefore for >25 lei I will take pictures of what you would like to see from Morocco.