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de Pop Larisa Maria
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Hello dear friends, class-mates, teachers. HEY AIESEC!

I am Larisa Pop and currently fulfilling my mission of creating social impact through the volunteering projects that together with 16 amazing people from across Romania are creating.

I always believed in the power of multiculturalism. I believe that through this we can truly achieve mutual understading all around the world. I am an advocate for peace and fullfilment of humankind's potential. I always believed, but it was until recently that I have taken action in being a change, rather than wait and see it. And this happened when I joined an organisation called AIESEC.

My story in AIESEC began roughly 4 years ago, when I joined this organisation as a freshman in college. I joined AIESEC in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where I dedicated each and every single day to make an impact in the city which I called home for 3 years. In here, I discovered iGV(Incoming Global Volunteer), an AIESEC product which implies creating social projects in which international exchange participants volunteer for 6 weeks in order to develop the community. I have recruited and interacted with more than 150 people from all around the world over the course of 3 years and I can see how this AIESEC experience truly enabled them to develop their leadership potential.

When my experience as a local Vice President of iGV ended in AIESEC in Cluj, I have decided to join the national team. Currently, I am leading a network of over 200 members and together with the national team, we create strategies, we deliver knowledge and we keep the essence of the organisation in Romania, in order to achieve our vision. My term will soon come to an end in AIESEC in Romania, and I have decided that I want to continue my experience in this amazing organisation. 

In all these 4 years that I have worked for AIESEC in Romania, I believed that I was in charge of developing others when in the end I realised how much I developed as a human being as well. This is why, for the next year, I have decided to apply for the national team of AIESEC in the United States and continue my leadership development story, while working to enable others to have the same experience.

I will start my term as part of the national team in June 20th, but until then there are a lot of things to solve: bachelor thesis taken earlier from the university with an urgency tax, making a new passport, visa costs, plane ticket. My parents have been amazing over the last 4 years but our financial situation makes it impossible for them to cover for the entire cost. 

This is why I started this campaign. I am working and leading this organisation with the highest level of love and energy that you can possibly imagine and I never expected anything in return. However, if you have ever been in an exchange with AIESEC, have been in AIESEC or you just simply believe in one's journey, please help me achieve my potential.

Yours truly,