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Firstly I would like to thank you for accessing my page.  You are on the right track to become an even better person!

My time has come!

In the summer of 2017, my twin brother Dani went in exchange with AIESEC. He was a volunteer in Croatia where he has taught english to a group of people aged from 11 to 60.  If you want to find more about this, check This summer is my turn to go in exchange!

But who am I?

A student, a volunteer, a friend and a brother. I consider myself being a proactive person that doesn’t like to waste time.

Currently, I am in the second year of Bachelor of Science studies at the Faculty of the Computer Science. In my spare time I’m volunteering for AIESEC Iași and when I’m not volunteering I like programming. 

Why India?

The first reason is that I want to travel, to explore a new cultures especially from different continents and India has a strong and beautiful culture.

The second reason is a funny one. During the exam period, sometimes I learn from video tutorials to fill the gaps that I have and most of the teachers are from India. So, for me, in IT, Indians are dedicated programmers that invest in the education of youth.

What’s behind my decision?

The main reason is that I want to become an entrepreneur by building my own start-up company that will help the local community that I come from and this experience is going to offer me a good start. In India, I’m going to work for a start-up incubator and I want to get some inspiration and some insight of how’s like working in a start-up.

As I said, I volunteer for AIESEC Iași and I’m member of the Outgoing Global Entrepreneur & Talent department and that means I send people abroad to work in companies. These being said, I’m going to experience the program I’ve been promoting for the last 18 months!

But where did my motivation come from?

It all started during high-school…

During one of my classes (in tenth grade), there was a class shout about a project called GROW and I decided to join. Then, the project started. I still remember the hesitation that I had when it comes to speak in public because of the fear of… I don’t know… but I really wanted to that! My first edition of GROW didn’t resolve this but it made me hungrier, hungrier to develop myself. It was for the first time when I really believed you have opportunities that help you to become a better person, to thrive. That’s why I joined 2 more editions of GROW and I’ve been ambassador 2 times!

But it didn’t stop here...

Because of the impact the project gave to me, I decided to join AIESEC to be part of the organizing team of GROW but unfortunately, before joining the organization, the project was no more in charge of AIESEC… and yet, I joined AIESEC because in the summer of 2015, after a GROW session, I went to one of my trainers to thank him for the amazing training. When I told him how good he was he couldn’t believe that! He was so surprised and happy to hear that and I realized that the impact is bidirectional! In that moment I have decided that I have to go in exchange.

Why abroad?

Because of the cultural shock and the challenging environment, the fact that I have to speak English for 2 months! This for sure is going to change my life perspective because I’m going to live with people that eat, act, think differently!

In order to fulfill my dream I need even your smallest support and by this I don't mean just money but to share my story to your friends.

For what I’m going to use the money?

The donation I receive is going to help me prepare all the logistics from before: making a passport, plane ticket, visa, medical insurance, vaccines.  To see how I’m exactly going to use the money please visit