Football competition for refugees in Moria, Lesvos

de Sebastian Ioan Burduja
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A Man with a Beautiful Heart: Cedric

While in Lesvos, Greece this summer, together with the Atlantic Council's incredible Millennium Fellows, we met a young man with a beautiful heart -- Apotre Jehoaddan Perissos Cedric. Cedric is one of the many refugees who come to Lesvos in pursuit of a simple dream: to live a free and fulfilled life. 

This is indeed a basic human right, but where Cedric comes from - along with many others - people are denied their liberties and dreams. So they embark on a most dangerous journey, putting their lives at risk just to feel the taste of freedom. 

Cedric is a very talented poet and artist. Despite everything he has endured, he is full of life, hope, and optimism. He refuses to give up, and he is willing to fight for the better world he envisions. That starts with small, but critical steps.

Cedric cares deeply about the refugee community in Moria and beyond (you can read more about conditions in the Moria camp here:

A few weeks ago, Cedric reached out to me asking for help in organizing a truly unique event for the refugee community in Moria: a football tournament. I am now asking for your help in making this dream come true. 

A Fundraiser for Hope and Freedom

We are seeking contributions from around the world to help fund a football tournament for the refugees in Moria, Greece. 100% of the funds raised will go to support the required costs: footballs, equipment, rental fees, trophees, snacks and beverages. 

The football competition will not be just something fun, in a corner of the world where few things are "fun" at this point, but also a true glimpse of hope and freedom for so many who crave what many of us take for granted in our lives. 

In addition, Cedric would like to dedicate this competition to the memory of our beloved angel, Joann Ioana Maria. 

Please consider contributing and helping us make this dream come true for Cedric and the refugee community in Moria, Greece. Please also help us spread the word through social media. Do let your friends know they can make a difference for those who truly need to know that they are not alone, that their hopes for peace and prosperity are ours too, that humanity will not give up on those who are less fortunate.