A Story for Argentina

de Alexandra Maria Codreanu
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Hello there,

I’m Alexandra,  Ale for short and I am embarking on a journey of one year in a youth leadership not-for-profit organization in Argentina. This organization is AIESEC. I have joined AIESEC almost 3 years ago, 3 years that have shaped me into the person that I am today more than anything else.

AIESEC is a global, youth-run organization that strives to achieve peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential by providing young people with challenging, international experiences with the aim of developing leadership and engaging youth.

Now, after 3 years in the Romanian branch of the organization, I have the opportunity to join the national leadership board  of AIESEC in Argentina as the People Management responsible, a journey that I hope, will shape me in a more solution-oriented, self-aware global citizen while empowering others to do so as well.

In my first year in AIESEC, I had the most amazing international volunteers in Cluj-Napoca, who have worked on projects aiming to reduce inequalities and engage youth with Down-Syndrome. After that, I helped young people live a volunteering experience all over the world. Last year, I worked towards developing our members and coordinating our local organization for a year. All the people who contributed towards my experience until now have inspired me to also be brave and live such an experience on my own, as I saw how this journey challenges you to your core and transforms you to become a better citizen and a better person.

Why Argentina?

In a country struggling with inflation and poverty, violence against women and political corruption, a country of unspeakable beauty and feisty, determined people, being able to contribute to a better generation by being part of a youth leadership movement is where I want to be for the next year. I believe in our potential as young people to bring change and the values and actions that AIESEC promotes are appropriately crafted towards that.

My commitment

I am taking the commitment of one year in Argentina as part of the national board of AIESEC Argentina, striving every day to develop our members and provide experiences that explore their potential, so that they can also, in turn, empower others to develop. This is the opportunity that I have and I would need your help to take it.


AIESEC is a not-for-profit organisation and cannot cover the costs of getting to Argentina. My parents have supported me throughout these 3 years in university and are also supporting me how they can towards my journey to Argentina, however, it is too much to ask for them to cover. This is my story, so I want to take responsibility for it.The goal I have set should cover: passport, plane tickets to Buenos Aires, health insurance, vaccines and basic living costs for the months of June and July. I am required to be present in Buenos Aires starting from the first week of June, however, only from August will I receive a stipend to cover basic living costs.

We are all made of endless stories, so, if you resonate with this goal, I would be very grateful if you would help me write my story in Argentina.